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Senior Product Marketing Manager
Bharath's objective is to experience all aspects of Product Lifecycle and through those experiences, simplify Technology through effective storytelling. Bharath's experience enables insights on how Customers, Sales, Success, and Developers operate and be able to effectively "Market" Products, Services and Solutions for success!
05 September 2023 11:30 - 12:15
Panel discussion: Quick hacks (pun intended) for engaging your developer audience
Feeling the pressure to empower your developer audience? This session dives into practical, time-saving tricks to remove roadblocks and supercharge their experience. Learn how to streamline documentation, provide clear code examples, and foster a thriving developer community – all with minimal effort. Get ready to walk away with actionable hacks that will have your developers singing your praises! Takeaways will include: •Craft killer code samples •Documentation done right •Community champions

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