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Director of Product Marketing
Katie has been running PMM teams for the last 5 years, first at Amadeus, then Klaviyo, and now Workhuman. She's passionate about building teams from the ground up and helping career switchers break into new roles.
12 April 2024 10:15 - 10:45
Dueling Fireside Chat: Developer Marketing v. PMM - Differences, Similarities, and Partnership
Across all of marketing, the overlapping components ranging from day-to-day responsibilities, go-to-market management, and tactic execution are complex. Explore how developer marketing and product marketing organizations are built, roles & responsibilities are established, the level of technical acumen needed, as well as the core differences that separate the functions. Join Justin Fink, Head of Marketing for Machinify (former Dir of Developer Marketing for Klaviyo), and Katie Gerard, Head of Product Marketing for Workhuman, as they host a Q&A answering some of the most pertinent questions above.

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