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Developer Advocacy Lead - IBM Quantum Computing
As IBM Quantum’s Developer Advocacy Team Lead, Abby manage san interdisciplinary team of developer advocates, software developers and quantum researchers, focused on maintaining and promoting IBM Quantum Software. She started her journey into Quantum back in 2020, when she started contributing code to Qiskit, IBM’s Open Source SDK for quantum computing. Prior to working in quantum Abby was a full stack web developer, but always enjoyed helping other people write good code as much as she enjoyed writing code herself, which is what led her to pursue a career in Developer Relations. As a primarily self taught software developer who hasn’t studied physics since high school, Abby never thought she would end up in the field that she's in, and she's passionate about encouraging people from any background to pursue their interest in technology.
11 April 2024 12:15 - 12:45
The road to 1.0: the importance of Developer Relations in open source software
Join us for an exploration into the role of Developer Relations in supporting open-source software projects through the arduous journey from first commit to 1.0 release. In this keynote we’ll focus on the release journey of Qiskit, the #1 open-source SDK for quantum computers, discussing how developer advocates help cultivate a culture of collaboration, feedback, and continuous improvement essential for nurturing robust ecosystems around emerging technologies. Whether you're a seasoned developer advocate, a community leader, or a an emerging tech enthusiast, join us to learn how you can empower your own software community to weather the challenges and embrace the triumphs along the path to software maturity..

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